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  1. What an inspirational exhibition!! 

    Travelled up to London last weekend to take part in the Parallax art fair in Chelsea on the Kings Road, couldn't have asked for a more perfect venue, weather and people!

    The exhibition staged thousands of original Artworks for sale by some incredible talent all over the world! The people opposite me had travelled all the way from Australia to exhibit their work! There were Artists from France, US, Ireland, Somalia and across Europe.

    Met some fantastic Artists and made amazing contacts for the future.

    Here are some pictures of the exhibition.

    I have been invited back to exhibit next year with this wonderful team in Kensington, so thoroughly looking forward to that!

    Parallax art fair 11     Parallax Art fair 3  Parallax art fair 9   Parallax Art Fair 1

    Parallax Art Fair 12   Parallax Art Fair 13


    Parallax art fair 15   Parallax Art Fair 8  Parallax Art Fair 7

  2. After a wonderful week exhibiting at Birdwood House Gallery in Totnes, my first ever BIG solo show was such an overwhelming success!

    I cannot express how privaledged I was to meet some truly wonderful people there, both at the PV night and throughout the week! Totnes is alive and buzzing with Artists and bohemian souls who exude wonderful energy.

    The PV night was amazing, I had 70 people turn up, friends and family to show their support and a great night was had by all. Many sales were made, with 7 original paintings selling both there and throughout the week. I was also commissioned a large piece of Art for a wonderful couple's new home, and a large dragon to paint!

    The exhibition was to promote awareness of the vital importance of protecting wildlife and the environment, and I had a special guest attend Mrs Jacqi Hodgson who is the parlimentary candidate for the Green Party here who very kindly opened the show!

    I couldn't be happier with the result!! Thanks to Anthea Tuckey who is the Art Director of Birdwood House Gallery for all your help and words of wisdom!

    Sadly it was such a busy night I did not get the chance to take any photos of the buzzing Private View evening, so I took some pictures of the gallery the next day. It was amazing to think we managed to get 70 people inside. The atmosphere was electric!

    Birdwood House Solo Exhibition1.jpg

    Birdwood House Solo Exhibition2.jpg  birdwood House Solo Exhibition3.jpg  Birdwood House Solo Exhibition4.jpg

    Birdwood House Solo Exhibition5.jpg  birdwood House Solo Exhibition6.jpg  birdwood House Solo Exhibition7.jpg  Birdwood House Solo Exhibition8.jpg


    A few photos of the Gallery after the main PV opening night. I met this wonderful couple who were thrilled with both their purchases. The lovely Morven from London, soon to hopefully move to Totnes and her man Jamie, both respectively bought 'Wake Up' my signature piece for the exhibition resonated greatly with Morven so he's gone to a new amazing owner! Jamie bought 'Fossils' one of my latest pieces and is still looking for some of the many creatures hidden within the painting!

    Below original paintings sold throughout the week.

    Fossils  Wake Up!  urban sun  neptune Triptych  In Bloom   The Red Planet Triptych

    Deco In Japan

    Sold original paintings during the week at my solo show at Birdwood House Gallery.