I have had commissions from all over the world and my work is collected in Australia, Europe, USA,Taiwan, no destination is too far!

Below are a few examples of the diverse range I can paint tailored from customers wishes.

I use mainly Acrylics but can work in any medium you wish.

If you would like a commission please feel free to e-mail me under the 'contact us' section, thank you.

All of my original paintings come with a signed certificate of authenticity.



£900 incl p&p (GB postage)  For an A3 Painting Framed (Total size 60 x 45cm) bespoke original painting including a detailed extensive sketch process whereby the customer chooses their preffered sketch of choice for the final piece.

£1500 incl p&p (GB postage)   For an A2 Painting Framed (Total size 85 x 60cm) bespoke original painting including a detailed extensive sketch process whereby the customer chooses their preffered sketch of choice for the final piece.

For larger pieces please contact me for pricing and format to be discussed thank you.

Approximate pricing for a 4 ft x 3.5 ft hand painted Art Deco from £2500, including a detailed hand painted sketch process until the final piece is decided upon.

For any other painting you would like done in the above sizes my prices will be less from above due to the complex nature of the Art Deco hand painted pieces being much more time consuming and exact they are more expensive to produce.

I ask for a 50% holding deposit in advance of any work I do. Commissions usually take up to 3 weeks to produce. I can work from any photo you have or simply ideas in your head and we go from there to get you exactly what you are looking for on your unique bespoke painting to cherish.

The left image is the original photo of the school building i worked from.  Right is the original painting produced using Acrylics.  

The left image is a photo of another school building that I was commissioned to paint & next it is the original painting produced using Acrylics.    

Nine to Five 2

Customer wanted a reproduction of this as it had sold so I re-produced this one on a larger scale on canvas using the same Acrylics,

Making slight alterations so as to not exactly replicate the original but produce the same painting with a warm urban feel to it.  

Myself and the Viva art team have been commissioned by The English Riviera Tourist Board to paint a series of pictures representing the life and times of Agatha Christie our exhibition will be held at The Grand Hotel during the Agatha Christie International Festival on September 11th, the exhibition runs for 9 days and opens with a 20's/30's themed cocktail party for the opening!

Below is a selection of some of my paintings that you will be able to view and purchase at The exhibition..

Further Commissions

I have been asked to re-produce a set of 4 Art Deco Transport poster style paintings that will replicate these below, the customer has chosen their own colours making this a very personalised set of 4 original paintings.    1 Art deco plane,  1 Art Deco car,  1 Art Deco train  1 Art Deco boat.

Similar to these shown below, if you would like your very own personal original Art deco vintage style travel paintings please e-mail me and I will be happy to help.

I recently was asked to produce a set of 4 original Art Deco Transport paintings for a lovely customer in Thornbury Bristol who wished for a green train (the original sold was blue), a silver plane, a red vintage car, and a very similar boat to the one sold.

Here are the finished results. The measurements are 19.5 x 16.5 inches including ivory mount (unframed) These were very carefully hand painted using Acrylic and took 2 weeks to complete all ready to send.

Should you wish for any paintings commssioned please contact me and I will get straight back to you.

Ashfield House Commission

I was recently asked to paint Ashfield House for a customer in Oxford, the instructions were sepia, vintagey old feel as this was Agatha Christie's childhood home which has since been demolished long ago, and all that remains is a memory taken from an old photograph. This painting was taken from the photograph using Acrylic paints.

This was the outcome. The customer was very happy indeed

Art Deco Queen of the Road ***Florida Commission***

Below is a painting of a customer's Citroen Traction Avant from Florida USA surrounded by Deco inspired scenery that I was commissioned to paint.

The painting is 4 foot across, a large painting hand painted using Acrylics. The painting took 3 weeks to complete from the initial proposal process of sketches back and forth to the finalised painting. I worked from a photo provided by the customer of his beautiful car but painted my own landscape surrounding it in an Art Deco style.

Below is the finished painting, followed by the photograph of the car and some rough sketches to show the car in any setting as the customer initially favoured my 'Avenue of Trees' series, but eventually decided upon an Art Deco setting which was inkeeping with this classic Deco car.

Below some rough sketches to determine the possible settings

 For Pricing for this size of painting please get in touch if you would like a bespoke painting commissioned.

Art Deco Bigbury Commission

The brief for this next commission was to produce a hand painted Art Deco holiday poster style painting of the customer's holiday home adding Burgh Island in the scene and a vintage car to compliment the composition. A sort of 'welcome to Bigbury On Sea' Art Deco poster. I set to work on a series of sketches as with all commissions so the customer can choose which one they like enabling me to commence on the main painting.

Below are the rough sketches I painted all including the customer's holiday home with alternating view/composition of the required additions i.e, Burgh Island, vintage car. These were rough sketches as you can see just to give the customer an idea of the finished result depending on the chosen sketch. The customer chose number 1 of 3. These are photos of each process as you can see the large unfinished painting in my studio with the smaller sketch above it I worked from and a photo of the customer's holiday home.

Some studio shots and the other 2 rough sketches. The final piece was well received by the customer, taken home to be framed.

The dimensions of this piece was 85 x 60 cm

I can produce any painting you like and turn your memories and cherished things into a beautiful painting to keep forever should you wish me to undertake a commission please email me and I will happily give you a quote and discuss the step by step process with you so you can own your own bespoke painting which will always be a part of you and your life to enjoy.

Art Deco Totnes Commission

I was commissioned by Studio 71 Art Gallery in Totnes to paint an original Art Deco style picture of Totnes high street which is totally exclusive to Studio 71 Art Gallery.

It was an enjoyable picture to paint. Inspired from what I imagine 30's Totnes would have looked like, complete with vintage car of course! (Austin!)

The Gallery were thrilled with it and it is now for sale there complete with certificate of authenticity, professionally framed and ready to hang. Hand painted in Acrylics.

Please enquire within or phone: 01803 431320 - email:

***Agatha Christie Art Deco  'A Murder Is Announced' Commission***

This commission was great fun to think up a scene based on the brief given by the customer who wanted a painting depicting Agatha Christie's infamous play 'A Murder Is Announced'.

Going straight into research mode and after much careful consideration as to the over-all effect of including various elements that were significant to the play into my painting I came up with this workable piece which the customer was thrilled with, including all the important elements such as Joan Hickson as Miss Marple, the obligatory string of pearls, the clock striking on the hour of 6.30pm and what I perceived 'Chipping Cleghorn' quaint old English town to be like.

I chose in-keeping colours, I do like to keep my colours complimenting each other where at all possible. So, now with all the components complete on to making this a workable picture. 

Here is the result

****Dragon Commission****

The customer gave me a reference picture to go by which is how he wanted his dragon to look.

I commenced work on a series of 4 painted A3 'sketches' to give him some different looks.

Each picture is different, I gave him a choice of heads. Perhaps he'd prefer a more fierce looking dragon? The reference picture had a dragon sitting on a viaduct, I changed this to a turret. Gave a choice of skies and different dragons but having to keep as close to the reference picture as I could as this was the brief.

Below are my sketches....

This dragon was as close to the picture as I could get but changed the backdrop entirely and made the dragon slightly different colours.

This sketch shows a different head and arms ...

The customer decided he liked the body of this dragon with the head of the first dragon.

I gave him a slightly different dragon again...

Here I sketched (painted, all my sketches are painted) out what the final piece would be like altering the colour of the sky

Customer was happy to proceed with a much larger final piece 3.5 foot dragon!


Art Deco Commission

The customer supplied me a photograph of his house with the brief, deco-ise it add the family and dog and a vintage rolls

I always supply sketches of various layouts I think will suit the outcome and the customer chooses I go ahead when the customer is happy with the provisional sketch knowing what they get as an end result.

This was a large framed painting approx 5 foot. Timescale 1 month until completion. If you are interested in me painting a bespoke picture of your house with any added vehicles, people, animals please get in touch and I'm sure you won't be disappointed. All of my work is lifetime guaranteed as far as quality is concerned and always comes with a certificate of authenticity, where framed always ready to hang. If rolled well packaged and tracked delivery.

Mapp & Lucia - The Musical Art Deco Commission

Had the lovely opportunity to work with the incredibly talented singer/songwriter Kate Garner who commissioned me to design and hand paint an Art Deco poster for her upcoming London musical, the re-write of MAPP & LUCIA the Musical. My painting will be used on the CD cover, the website/posters and the programme. Kate is the daughter of the late 'Chas Hodges' from Chas n Dave the famous wonderful 80's/90's music duo who many of you are sure to remember.

I enjoyed every minute of working with Kate and we were in contact almost daily as I wanted to be spot on making sure I got every facial expression/every little detail right according to Kate's wishes. The end result was a great success and I've gained a friend with whom I have much in common!

Below are small selection of my sketch processes which include pencil sketches, coloured pencil renderings and hand painted sketches and much time and thought, it's lovely to see it all come together from 'ideas'.

All of my work is hand painted using Acrylic (where mentioned)

The sketch process....... 

Art Deco Hinton Wood

Large 4 foot x 3.5 foot canvas on board bespoke original hand painted design. The customer liked an original painting I had sold a few years ago called Art Deco in Orange and had ordered a set of placemats and coasters of this. Having liked the colour scheme, design and overall appearance of the piece I was asked whether I could replicate a large 4 foot painting of this and include a painting of Hinton Wood luxury appartments by the sea in Bournemouth (the customers residence) to be painted in an Art Deco style to be in-keeping with the rest of the painting.

This was quite a challenge, one however that I enjoyed working on. I changed the border slightly from the old original and added  Art Deco fans in place of the semi-circles, the layout had to be precisely measured to fit into the large canvas on board I was working on and re-scaled somewhat, but this worked out well.

Below is a series of pictures including, inbetween progress, hand painted sketches giving the customer an idea of how his building could look 'Art Deco-ised' and then the final piece.

A large limited edition framed print of this will hang in the communal hallway and the customer will hang the original piece in his home.