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  1. I was so incredibly honoured to have the extremely talented and clever Musician Mick Sharp produce a show reel for me on you tube! He did such an incredibly good job I was over whelmed with the quality of his work and his music that fits the video! Please subscribe to him on you tube he is the partner of my very very dear friend and professional Artist Susie Hall http://www.suehallart.co.uk/ Check out her Amazing Art!

    Mick Sharp http://www.micksharp.co.uk/ Music Genius!

    Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SbcT4CRwSs My showreel by Mick 

    Thank you both of you, I am so proud of your talent and couldn't be without your friendship!!

  2. At last Spring is here! Perfect weather for going out and painting Spring flowers, and that's exactly what I'd be doing if I wasn't concentrating on a new series of dramatic stormy seascapes to be displayed in The Cary Arms Gallery which will be open throughout the Spring and Summer from Maay to September in Torquay. A beautiful place to paint. Very much looking forward to that and meeting new people!

    London calls!!

    In 2 weeks from now I will be exhibiting my work with The Culthouse Gallery in Hoxton Arches in London, very excited about that! The exhibition opens on Saturday 25th April and runs to Wednesday 29th April. With Private Gallry viewing available on The Monday evening. I will be in attendance on Saturday 25th in the evening. I do Love London and to be exhibiting there is always such a bonus! Please feel free to pop in and say hello should you be in the area!

    I also want to blog about my dear friends Neil Giles and Sylva Fae who are two truly inspiring clever souls, I am still working on my paintings of Merlin for Neil the wonderful Poet which shouldn't be too long now. Sylva's blog Sylvanian Ramblings is full of exquisite pictures and poetry also. Please have a look http://sylvafae.co.uk/blog/ and reading Neil's poetry is enough to lift anyone's spirits https://theoakwheel.wordpress.com/category/resident-authors/neil-giles/  

    I hope that Spring is wondeful and warm and the sun continues to shine for everyone.