Sketch Book Loose Raw Art

I wanted to include this page because I think it's important for any Artist to show their expression whether this is through daubs of paint on the back of a cereal box or from the sketch book, these are just a few examples of loose raw sketches, impulsive thought processes that often lead to me painting a new landscape. Some I sketched whilst outside, others are just expression, emotion, passion.

These are very basic, rough quick sketches, not commercial, not saleable but my direct artistic energy, my thought forms, expressions and feelings that I wanted to share.


sketch 4       sketch 1


sketch 2     Apocalypse


The Dark Woods Are Whispering     sketch 5


sketch 3   img_0162 - version 3     sketch 13


sketch 14    sketch 15


sketch 16    sketch 6


sketch 9   sketch 8  

sketch 11   sketch 12   Whipping Up a Storm


whipping up a storm 3   Man VS Nature